Zurple Punch


Zurple Punch is derived from the potent Purple Punch cannabis and the rare Zkittles strain. Covered in frosted jagged tips, Zurple Punch cannabis is a wonder to look at! Coupling dazzling mental euphoria with heavy relaxing effects, Zurple Punch will uplift the user’s mind while offering bodily comfort to the maximum!

Flavour: Berry, Cream, Citrus, Sweet, Floral

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting

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Zurple Punch cannabis is a great evening and nighttime smoke. Zurple Punch marijuana is known to provide couch-locking body effects and pleasant mental euphoria. Upon the first few draws, the relaxing mental effects will be evident. The mind will be chill, but also quite uplifted, and happiness levels will skyrocket! Allow about five minutes for the sedative body stoned feeling to set it.  Zurple punch marijuana is a spectacular option when looking for a night of supreme peace and tranquility.

The medical benefits of the Zurple Punch marijuana strain include momentary relief of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, body aches and pain and insomnia.


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