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This cross-bred strain by Karuna Sunset consists of a Romulan crossed with F1 generation and back crossed with Bubba kush. The name comes from the 2 strain seeds, which were Romulan seed #2 and Bubba seed #2, hence R2B2. But like the trusty Star Wars side kick always full of tricks, the R2B2 can address a multitude of ailments. It is known largely as an anti-anxiety and appetite stimulant. R2B2 can help alleviate depression, nausea, and headaches. R2B2 is quite different from most Kushes, but packs the strength of them. The aroma smells like a sweet lemon tart, that is a touch pungent. It tastes exactly how it smells and has an interesting hint of cherry syrup. The buds are sticky, but bust up nicely. Bud is light green in color with few red hairs.

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