Megalodon Smalls

Enjoy smoking it and made cannabutter that is absolutely knock your socks off good. Smoking it; uplifting, clears my mind, picks me up and gives me some energy. Makes me smile and feel like dancing. It doesn’t take a lot to start feeling it. I try to take it easy as I’ve read that it can kick start anxiety a little, but I haven’t experienced it myself. This strain is most def savory. The flavours are good for smoking and for eating. You must like the flavour if you use Megalodon in weed infused edibles. It’s pretty distinct. I used 1/2 oz of Megalodon with a pound of butter. Slow cooked for 20 hours. Wow! Wow! Wow! 1 tsp of butter is plenty for having a good time. Made brownies with the cannabutter as well. Made grilled cheese sandwiches with the butter. It was a complete and utter giggle fest. Single bite size brownie is good for new user in the evening. Ends with you ready to get a good night sleep. Two brownies great for unwinding mid evening, giggling a little and then enjoying a little couch lock before a great night sleep. Three to Four brownies and you’re having lots of fun. This strain gets a 4 thumbs up for making me happy, creative and topping the evening off with some relaxation and a dreamy drift off to dreamland. Better to start with a little and work your way up.

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Megalodon, named for the prehistoric shark of the same name, is a sativa-dominant strain with a trichome-rich lineage. This strain was created by crossing Great White Shark x White Widow x Snow White, alluding to the dense blanket of trichomes that coats it. The Canadian-born strain smells of fresh cut grass and skunk. Megalodon’s effects are heady and uplifting, making it ideal for focus, creativity, and shrugging off depression. Pair this strain with a sunny day for best possible results.

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