Lemon lime shatter

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Lemon lime shatter is a cross between OG Kush and Lemon Joy strains. It has flavours of pepper and lemon to it. Lemon lime shatter is great for treating anxiety, restlessness and loss of appetite. This strain will also perk your sensors up, accentuating the auditory, visual and aromatic senses, while giving you a very cerebral and calming sensation. Lemon Lime is a pretty even hybrid ratio usually at a 50:50 and occasionally a 60:40,  with a sativa dominant edge.  THC percentages ranging between 18-20%. This strain isn’t known for being extremely potent but is usually more flavourful and a great beginner option. Just because its doesn’t have a super high (get the pun?) THC percentage doesn’t mean the effects aren’t great.


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