Crunch Berry

Also known as Captain Crunch or Crunch Berries, Crunch Berry was created by the High Times award-winning breeding team at Exotic Genetix, which pollinated a Triple OG female with a Blueberry male.

The resulting flowers are long, bushy and practically white-colored with trichome density. Consumers report Crunch Berry’s experience as uplifting and peaceful. The strain reportedly delivers a vanilla-and-pine aroma that suggests a high presence of beta-caryophyllene.

Growers should employ methods such as SCROGs, SOGs or topping to manage the plant’s ample height and bushy branching. The strain grows to maturity indoors in 55-to-65 days, or early October when raised outdoors.

Because it flourishes in less volatile growing environments, Crunch Berry is more likely to reach its full potential indoors.

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Crunch Berry Kush from Encanto Green Cross is “Chong Certified” hybrid strain that brings blissful relaxation to mind and body. Much like the popular cereal that lends this strain its name, Crunch Berry Kush has a sweet fruity aroma counterbalanced by a hint of spice.

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