Congo by Ace Seeds is a sativa-dominant cross of two Congolese strains, Bangi Congo x Congo #3 and Pakistan Chitral Kush. This genetic combination offers consumers a clean, smile-inducing high that is brimming with positive energy. The mixture of stimulating sativa genetics and heady Kush genetics creates a blend of euphoric introspection and vigor. Enjoy Congo throughout the day to improve mood and stave off lethargy and depression.

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The Red Congo cannabis strain is a 100% Sativa with THC levels ranging between 18-20%. While its origins are still widely debated, most people argue that this marijuana variety descends from three classic strains, namely Afghani, Congolese, and Mexican sativa, with the greatest influence of the African Congolese. Due to its high THC content and pure sativa genetics, the strain is recommended for daytime usage to relieve stress, tension, pain, and fatigue.

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