1000mg CBD MCT Oil Tincture


Our in-house made MCT Oil 1000 mg CBD/ 38mg THC tincture is a customer favourite. With a slight touch of THC it synergies with the CBD producing a very calming and relaxing sensation without the stoned feeling.


Our in house Brand CBD Tincture is made Cannabis infused MCT Oil.

MCT oil is the most efficient way to consume CBD oil so the cannabinoids interact with the body quickly and easily. Medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are medium-length fatty acid chains

Cannabinoids break down and are stored in fat versus water (fat soluble), so are best consumed with fat to increase absorption. Take note that not all fats are good for this.

The liver sees the MCT oils as carbs and directly metabolizes the oil into energy. It does this without causing free-radicals, because the liver still processes it as a fat. This rapid metabolism also puts the cannabinoids to use right away.

MCT oil can help regulate blood sugar by causing the sugar present in the bloodstream to store in muscle tissue rather than fat mass. This improved insulin function can also help the body to increase the amount of muscle mass, and better yet gives your brain consistent energy to run!


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