Comparing Weed Weights

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When you buy weed online or at your local dispensary, it’s always broken down into specific weights when weighed and measured.  Comparing weed weights can get confusing when you break it down completely, because as if remembering the specific weights used isn’t challenging enough for the average stoner, then you have to memorize how many grams are contained within each weight.  Here’s a guide that hopefully can clear the air a little bit for you.



STEP 1 – LET’S START WITH THE BASICS :  Gram. Eighth. Quarter. Half. Ounce.

Try and memorize each one as best as you can.  If it helps, remember it like this – Gram, 8, 4, 2, 1. Essentially just dividing in half after gram.



For obvious reasons we’re going to start with the smallest one first and work our way up!

A Gram

gram is defined by Wikipedia as  ‘a gram is now defined as one thousandth of the SI base unit, the kilogram, or 1×10−3 kg‘.  Wait what? Okay, let’s try for an easier definition .  A more non-scientific definition would be that a gram is a metric unit of mass equal to ¹/₁₀₀₀ kilogram. It’s roughly equal to 1 small paper clip or pen cap.  It’s great for people who want to buy or try just a little amount, whether to test out different effects and strains, or due to budget restrictions.  Now after the gram, the rest of the measurements actually switch into ounces.


An Eighth

An eighth is an eighth (1/8) of an ounce — or 3  1/2 grams of Cannabis.

An eighth is a great choice as it’s not too much but not too little, and just enough to last you a few smoke sessions before you’ll need to replenish your stock at home.

A Quarter

Next up is a quarter, 1/4 oz. or 7 grams. Basically double the 1/8 above.


half is a half-ounce of weed, weighing in at 14 grams, or double a quarter (1/4 oz.).

An Ounce

And a full ounce? An ounce weighs 28 grams.

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Bonus: A Pound

You won’t generally find this option at an online or local dispensary but if you  work with suppliers or growers, this option will open up for you. One pound equals to 16 ounces, or 448 grams. That’s a lot of weed!


Unless you’re buying at a bulk orders provider, these measurements are what you’ll typically find in any regular online or local dispensary, where a gram would be the minimum, and an being ounce the maximum amount you can buy for any one strain. If you work with a distributor or grower, you’ll most likely be able to buy much more.



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Make sure you’re getting what you’ve paid for.  It’s a lot easier to verify the weight your order is being checked out at your local dispensary but can be difficult when buying weed online.  When you’re at your local dispensary, your budtender would usually have their scale in an easy to view position so you can always verify that they’re weighing your order correctly.

If you’re purchasing online, you can check once you’ve received your order buy purchasing a cheap scale or digital scale from Amazon to verify all of your orders as well.

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