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We are the most popular weed delivery Vancouver service for nearly 10 years. We also ship orders nationwide from our dispensary.

Karuna Health Foundation prides itself on providing the highest quality in Indica, Sativa, Hybrids, as well as a large inventory of Cannabis related products and accessories, as well as expedited weed delivery in Vancouver, North Van, Richmond, Burnaby and more surrounding cities.  

When you buy weed online with us, we make sure to not only provide you with the best products, but with first class customer service too.

This means that here at Karuna Health Foundation whether it’s mail order or same day local weed delivery in Vancouver, we’re fully committed to providing the best service for all of our Canadian customers, excellent customer service, and giving you only the best products money can buy.

To best considered the best dispensary in Vancouver, you need to carry cannabis flower, weed edibles, concentrates, shatter, CBD, vapes, hash and so much more. We’ve got you covered in all aspects when it comes to high quality marijuana products.

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Get Your Weed Delivery In Vancouver
Karuna Health Foundation

Higest Grade Quality

We only provide incredibly high end quality products, no exceptions. Come see for yourself why so many customers choose Karuna Health Foundation.

Free Local Delivery

We're one of the few Dispensaries that deliver direct when you buy weed online through local delivery and FREE local delivery, because we believe that if you're shopping for Cannabis online, we want to make sure you get your product safely and secure.
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Don't just buy weed online from any random popup Cannabis shop, buy from the brand so many customer love and trust.
Just check out all of our reviews!

Same Day Weed Delivery In Vancouver

Not only do we offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY, you get your product on the same day too!
Why wait 1-3 business days to get your product from other Cannabis dispensaries, when you can shop and receive your product on the same day.
See our FAQs for full details.

What our customers say

Best dispensary in Western Canada. I've been a patient and customer for over 5 years & I've never had a single problem. Karuna are kind & caring Angels! Must be in the job description
Nicolas Vincent
Five Stars everyday. Awesome place, dope vibe, all in all would recommend
Sam Cavalli
Good weed, decent prices, vapes, edibles... what more do you want? People are so picky about dispos these days and don't realize places like Karuna are the last of their kind. Love having my kush weighed in front me too instead of pre weighed bags <3
Sarah Lehman
Karuna is a great place to buy quality green. The customer service is always above par. It has quickly became my go to east van dispensary.
John O'Hallaran
Great dispensary, lots of variet and unique deals corresponding with days of the week.
Connor Verhagen
Pleasant, professional atmosphere. Staff are both pleasant and knowledgeable. . Quality is noticeably superior to other stores. Good deals. What more do you want? Take My money!
Craig Paddon
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