What is Shatter?

Grape Goddess

Above is a snap shot of our popular and aromatic: Grape Goddess Shatter! This balancing hybrid extract is perfect for those who want to feel relaxed and calm, but still be able to get errands done throughout the day.

Shatter is a highly concentrated extract created when butane or another solvent is sprayed or “blasted” through plant material, extracting out the psychoactive compounds into a liquid oil. This oil is then “purged” in a vaccum chamber or oven for 48 to 96 hours to further purify the product, and to remove any butane or residual solvents. The end result is a potent, hardened oil that is higher in THC and CBD than regular cannabis flowers. It shatters into pieces, (hence its name), when in its stable state, and slightly gooey when warmer. It is easiest ┬áto handle when cold or frozen!