Mission Statement

Welcome to Karuna Health Foundation. It is our mission to serve the chronically and terminally ill of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and indeed all of Canada. We believe that our members deserve the highest quality medicine at an affordable cost, delivered by knowledgeable staff in a compassionate and safe place.

We specialize in a vast array of medicinal cannabis strains, from the strongest of the Afghanica Indicas to the soaring heights of true Sativas, and all hybrids in between. The right strain to help with your medical condition is waiting for you at Karuna Health Foundation.

Karuna stands for compassion and wisdom and we strive to embody that in everything we do. Our staff remain educated in the most current research regarding the health benefits and applications of medicinal marijuana. We maintain a range of products to suit any member’s needs and budget. It is our goal to help our members to manage their health while also assisting them in finding the peace of mind which comes from receiving the right medicine in a friendly, welcoming environment. Whether they are battling a chronic condition, healing, or entering the palliative stage of their care, each patient’s individual needs remain our first priority.

Many members have been with us through trying times, as we attempt to grow and serve our community better. We aim to exceed those loyal members’ expectations every day. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all those who have kept us positive throughout our journey here at Karuna Health Foundation.