Vancouver Medical Marijuana

Whether If you are looking for a Vancouver medical cannabis dispensary Karuna is the place to be! Why? That’s simple our Medical Cannabis¬† is among the best in the city, and we try to offer a the best variety of selections of Sativas, Hybrids of varying degree, and Indicas for all your cannabis needs.

Medicinal Cannabis has been hot topic for research and debate. In 2011 a cannabis extract was approved for clinical studies, which shows a positive progress forward for re-educating people that the previous view of marijuana has to change. A large contributing factor of these Medicinal Cannabis treatments is the activation of cannabinoid receptors. There have been over a 100 controlled clinical trials of cannabinoids conducted since 1975, and are still going on, once again pronouncing the position of the medical advantages that the marijuana plant has to offer. Some of these trials have led to the approval of cannabis-based medicines like nabilone and dronabinol to name two. Globally a cannabis extract was approved for the treatment in multiple sclerosis and for the treatment of nausea, moderate pain, neuropathic pain and anorexia.

Side effects of cannabinoids are fatigue or being tired and dizziness as a general rule of thumb, some psychological effects, and dry mouth and in some cases helping appetite increase or suppression.

Please come in and look at all of our products that include Flowers, Concentrates, and of course Paraphernalia to help medication and provide options on how best to take your prescription.

We want to be known as the best Vancouver medical cannabis dispensary around!

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