Vancouver Medical Cannabis Dispensary

When looking at the Vancouver marijuana dispensary region, we see many claiming to be the best dispensary in Vancouver. For us at, Karuna health Foundation, we strive for excellence in the medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver region, not to claim we are the best, but rather we allow for the best possible experience we can give to our patients. How do we do this? Through being a productive and helpful resource for our community, we treat any and all people with compassion and feeling of belonging. We try to impart our wisdom of product knowledge to our patients, so that they can take the information and make the best informed decision when purchasing their medication from Vancouver marijuana dispensaries. So we try to be the best Vancouver marijuana dispensary, not by claiming it, but rather by earning it from our patients and their feedback and or bettering of their condition.  Compassion and wisdom we hope turns in to recovery and empowerment for our patients.

The main reason people would go to a Vancouver marijuana dispensary, is for the product and its quality. We feel we have among the largest selection of flowers at any one time, well over 50 strains plus across all Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica groupings. We also try to cater to all income ranges and we try to do what we can and to help people medicate when times are difficult, as we all have been there. We also have a large selection of shatters, Hashes, and concentrates, which are a very popular item category. We use this entire top grade flower/concentrates products to produce our edibles lineup. Our edibles use our own unique labelling system to impart as much information and ingredients to our patient so they may make their purchase of edibles regardless of their diet restrictions, because they know exactly what is in each edible and empowers them to make the choice that much better, safer and easier.

The last piece of this puzzle is access to your medication, we realize everyone is busy and has their lives to lead, yet they require their medication, so we have a mail order program for Canadian destinations, locally we have 2 locations to serve you and are expanding to offer more availability, and we also have a driving courier program, so please inquire, whether by phone or by coming to one of our existing locations we are open every day from 10am – 9pm, excluding Sunday which are Noon – 7pm, and holidays are Noon to 6pm.