Karuna Provides Safe Access to Professional Counselling!

We want you to know about a service that we are offering at our 4510 Victoria Drive location!

A reminder to all that we will be offering access to professional counselling and the initial visit is FREE, after that the next appointment will be $60 per 1 hour session. We really understand that this may be difficult for some and so we are developing ways of providing a subsidy for this. (Please feel free to inquire about this during your intake session.)

We provide:
Assessment & Referral Services
Referral to peer support and self help groups
Short Term Counselling about Substance
Information about detox, daytox, or residential treatment for mental health and/or addictions issues
Short Term Crisis counselling
Advocacy with community services

Our therapist has 40 years experience helping clients with issues around addictions, relationships, recovery, mental health, stress reduction and so forth. If you are interested in accessing this new service please contact Karuna Staff to arrange a time to see the counsellor. We are currently offering intake appointments on Wednesday’s from 2:00-4:00. There culd be other times negotiated for the post intake appointments.

Colin Steele
Clinical Counsellor