Diseases Treated by Cannabis

Diseases Treated by Medicinal Cannabis

Insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD can all be greatly alleviated by the use of medicinal cannabis. Depending on the type of anxiety disorder there are different ways to ingest, and different types of cannabis to use accordingly.

Pain, tremors, seizures, muscle spasm & convulsions can be greatly stopped by cannabis use as well. CBD signaling is a key regulator of synaptic neurotransmission throughout the brain. Evidence indicates that CBD plays an internal protective role in suppressing pathologic neuronal excitability, which leads to development of epileptic seizures (A. Ludanyi el al., 2008)

HIV, AIDS, wasting conditions, that affect the immune system can all be greatly alleviated by using Cannabis. It has been observed to lessen the frequency of hot flashes, reducing nausea, increasing appetite, and enables you to go back to your normal body weight. Improved ratings of sleep and increases in food intake with 3.9% THC.

Tumours of all types have been reduced with the use of cannabis. The THC and CBN (Cannabiniol) can inhibit tumor growth by 25% to 82% without damaging normal cells (Harris el al., 1974). Cannabis cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in ½ & significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread (ScienceDaily, 2007).

Epilepsy patients have found benefits in the use of cannabis to stop eye tremors, which can be reduced or stopped completely after even just one puff. Ingested cannabis in small doses will help reduce the level of seizures and help keep bladder and bowel control.

Multiple Sclerosis & Muscular Dystrophy conditions have positive reactions with steady doses of cannabis. Along with the combined benefits of lecithin in baked goods, there has been positive reduction in tremors, fatigue, and spasms. CBD helps those with MS and MD live convulsion free without toxicity, behavioral impairment or tolerance.

Hepatitis C and other liver ailments benefit from daily ingestion of cannabis and THC. It stimulates the liver to create it’s own healing enzymes, along with many benefits.

Glaucoma sufferers should ingest Cannabis on a very regular basis keeping intraocular pressures even at all times to avoid permanent damage to the optic disc of the retina.

Encountered Between 1990-2004

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Acquired hypothyroidsm Epidermolysis Bullosa Pancreatitis
Acute Gastritis Epididymitis** Panic Disorder+
Acute Sinusitis Epilepsy(ies)+ Paralysis, unspecified
ADD other Erythma Multiforma Paraplegia(s)
ADD w hyperactivity Felty’s Syndrome Parkinsons Disease
ADD w/o hyperactivity Fibromyagia/Fibrositis Paroxysmal Atrial Tach**
Adrenal Cortical Cancer Fore Arm/Wrist/Hand Patellar chondromalacia
Agoraphobia Friedreich’s Ataxia Pelvic Inflammatory Dis
AIDS Related Illness Gastritis+ Pemphigus
Alcohol Abuse+ GastroEsophgeal Rflx Dis Peptic Ulcer/Dyspepsia
Alcoholism+ Genital Herpes Peripheral enthesopathies
Alopecia Glaucoma Peritoneal pain
Amphetamine Depend Glioblastoma Multiforme Persistent Insomnia
Amyloidosis Grand Mal Seizures** Peutz-Jehgers Syndrme**
Amytrophic Lateral Sclero Graves Disease** Pneumothorax, Spontaneo
Anaphylactic or Reaction Hemiparesis/plegia Polyarteritis Nodosa
Angina pectoris Hemophilia A Porphyria
Ankylosis Henoch-Schoelein Purpur Post Cardiotomy Syndrom
Anorexia Nervosa Hepatitis-non-viral Post Concussion Sydrome
Anorexia+ Herpetic infection Post Polio Syndrome
Anxiety Disorder+ Hip Post Traumatic Stress Dis.
Arteriosclerotic Heart Dis Huntingtons Disease+ Post W.E. Enephalitis
Arthritis, Degenerative Hypertension+ Premenstrual Syndrome+
Arthritis, post traumatic+ Hyperventilation Prostate Cancer
Arthritis, Rheumatoid+ Hypoglycemia(s) Prostatitis
Arthropathy, Degenerat+ Impotence, Psychogenic Pruritus, pruritic+
Arthropathy, gout Insomnia+ Pschogenic PAT
Asthma, unspecified Intermittent Explosive Dis Psoriasis
Atrophy Blanche Intervertebral Disk Diseas Psoriatic Arthritis
Autism/Aspergers Irritable Bowel Synd. Psychogenic Dysuria
Autoimmune disease Ischemic Heart Disease Psychogenic Hyperhidrosi
Back Sprain IVDD Cerv w Myelopathy Psychogenic Pain
Bell’s palsy Jacksonian Epilepsy** Psychogenic Pylorospas**
Bipolar Disorder Knee, ankle & foot injury Pulmonary Fibrosis
Brain malignant tumor L-S disk dis sciatic N irrit Pylorospasm Reflux
Brain Trauma Limbic Rage Syndrome** Quadriplegia(s)
Bruxism Lipomatosis Radiation Therapy
Bulemia Lower Back Pain Raynaud’s Disease
Cachexia Lumbosacral Back Diseas Reflex Sympath Dystroph
Cancer, site unspecified Lupus Regional Enteri & Crohns
Cardiac conduction disord Lyme Disease Reiters Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Lympho & reticular ca Restless legs syndrome
Cerebellar Ataxia Lymphoma Rosacea
Cerebral Aneurism Macular Degeneration** Schizoaffective Disorder
Cerebral Palsy+ Major Depression, Recurr Schizophrenia(s)
Cervical Disk Disease Major Depression, Sgl Epi Scleroderma
Cervicobrachial Syndrome Malignant Melanoma Scoliosis
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Mania Sedative Dependence+
Chemotherapy Convales Marfan syndrome Senile Dementia+
Chronic Fatigue Synd Mastocytosis Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
Chronic Obst Pulmo Dis Melorheostosis Shoulder Injury Unspec
Chronic Sinusitis Meniere’s Disease Sleep Apnea
Cluster Headaches Menopausal syndrome Spina Bifida Occulta
Cocaine Dependence+ Migraine, Classical+ Spinal mm atrophy II
Colitis, Ulcerative Migraine(s)+ Spinal Stenosis
Colitis+ Mononeuritis lower limb Spondylolisthesis**
Colon diverticulitis Motion Sickness Strabismus & other binoc
Color Blindness* Mucopolysaccharoidosis Sturge-Weber Disease
Compression of Brain Multiple joints pain Stuttering*
Conjuctivitis Multiple Sclerosis Syringomyelia
Constipation Muscle Spasm T.M.J Sydrome
Cough+ Muscular dystrophies Tenosynovitis
Cystic Fibrosis Myeloid leukemia Tension Headache
Darier’s Disease Myofacial Pain Syndrme** Testicular Cancer
Delerium Tremens+ Nail patella syndrome Testicular torsion
Dentofacial anomaly pain Nausea+ Thoracic Outlet Synd
Dermatomyositis Nephritis/nephropathy Thromboangiitis Obliteran
Diabetes Adult Ons Unctrl Neurasthenia Thyroiditis
Diabetes Adult Onset Neuropathy+ Tic disorder unspec
Diabetes Insulin Depend. Nightmares Tic Doloroux+
Diabetic Neurpathy Nonpsychotic Org Bra Dis. Tietze’s Syndrome
Diabetic Ophthalmic Dis Nystagmus, Congenital Tinnitus
Diabetic PeripheralVascD Obesity, exogenous Tobacco Dependence
Diabetic Renal Disease Obesity, morbid Tourette’s Syndrome
Diarrhea Obsessive Compulsive Di. Trachoria Growths***
Drusen of Optic Nerve Opiate Dependence+ Tremor/Invol Movements
Dumping SydroPost Sur Optic neuritis Trichotillomania
Dupuytens Contracture Org. Mental Dis.hd inj Ureter spasm calculus
Dyslexic Amblyopia** Osgood-Schlatter Urethritis/Cystitis
Dysthymic Disorder Osteogenesis imperfecta Uterine cancer
Eczema Other CNS demyelinating Vertebral disloc unspec
Ehlers Danlos Syndrom Other Skin Cancer Viral B Hepatitis, chronic
Emphysema Other spinal cord disease Viral C Hepatitis, chronic
Endometriosis** Pain, Ureter Vomiting
Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syn. Pain, Vaginal Whiplash

+ Represents citations from pre-1937 medical literature
*From Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.
**From Dale Gieringer, PhD CA NORML Hotline
***From Robert Wilson, Hayward Hempery
**** Barry R. McCaffrey, 12-30-96 Press Conference