Vancouver Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Any member who is interested in delivery will be required to call into the shop to place their order. Their order is then processed (evaluate the delivery distance and fee if applicable) and the grand total is given over the phone to the member.

Who is eligible for delivery?

All current members of Karuna Heatlh Foundation are eligible for delivery as long as they are located with-in in the lower mainland.

How far do we deliver?

We deliver with-in the greater Vancouver area, and within the lower mainland. Please call us if you are unsure if you’re within our driving range.

Is there a delivery fee?

It’s $10 for the first 5km, anything beyond 5km will be charged $2 per extra kilometer.

Is there a minimum/maximum order amount?

Yes, all orders must meet a minimum requirement of $50. All orders are limited to 4 oz per week.

What are the hours of delivery?

We deliver between 12 pm – 5pm. Be sure to place your order in a timely manner. Your order will be delivered within a few hours upon placing the order.

Method of payment?

All deliveries, as of present, are required to be paid by cash only.

Does the daily deal apply to deliveries?

No, the daily deal does not apply to deliveries. If you’d like the deal of the day; we kindly ask that you come to our store(s).