Here is a list of our currently available Budders , Shatters , Sugar Waxes , Rosins , Live Resins and Distillate Tips



Alaskan Thunder F*** (Sativa)


Atomic Haze(Sativa)


Gorilla Glue#1 (Indica)

$45/Gram(No Discounts)  

Gorilla Glue#4(Hybrid)


Humboldt Pie(Hybrid)

$65 /Gram  

Moby Dick (Sativa)

$35/Half Gram Pre-Pack

OG Shark Shatter(Hybrid)


Orange Crush x Hempstar Pre-pack (Hybrid)

$60 /Gram

Pink Death  (Indica)

$40/Gram(No Discounts)

Pink OG (Indica)

$45/Gram(No Discounts)  

Sour Tangie (Sativa)




Vader Shatter (Indica)


Live Resins:




Sugar Waxes


Critical Mass(Hybrid)


Distillate Tips:

Secret Garden Tips: $80/Gram or $45/Half Gram

Girlscout Cookies Gorilla Glue Grizzly Purple Kush Orange Cookies Shishkaberry Ghost Train Haze Cookies & Cream True Power

HCL Distillate Tips $75/Half Gram

Banana Kush Peach Fuzz Blueberry OG Mango Haze